“Buckingham Fountain” by Jan Weld
“First Frost in Zion” by Larry Arends
“Fish Escapes Grizzly” by Jan Welds
“Frosty Trail” by Larry Arends
“Hitch Hiker” by Jan Weld
“In the School” by Bob Reynolds
“Mono Lake” by Jan Weld
“Notre Dame Montreal” by Paula Matzek
“Summertime” by Gerardo Velasquez
“Vigilant Cheetah” by Jan Weld
“Gotcha” by Jan Weld


April 5, 2023 Competition – Print Winners

Small Monochrome

Jan Weld, “Mono Lake”,  Print of the Month

Jan Weld, “Hitch Hiker”, Honorable Mention 

Large Monochrome

Jan Weld, “Buckingham Fountain”  Large,  Print of the Month

Patrick Grady, “Sea Stacks”, Honorable Mention

 Small Color

Jan Weld, “Vigilant Cheetah”, Print of the Month

Paula Matzek, “Notre Dame, Montreal”, Award

Sandra Tipton, “Catch of the Day”, Award

Gerardo Velasques, “Summertime”, Honorable Mention

Larry Arends, “Rick’s Cafe”, Honorable Mention

Bob Reynolds, “In the School”, Honorable Mention

 Large Color

Jan Weld, “Fish Escapes Grizzly”, Print of the Month

Larry Arends, “Frosty Trail”, Award

Jan Weld, “Gotcha”, Honorable Mention

Larry Arends, “First Frost in Zion”, Honorable Mention