April  2023 ~ Digital Competition Winners

Lily with Visitor by Ken Olsen, Best of Show
Pollen Shower by Sandra Tipton
Hawaii Island Snow by Becki Hagberg-Cohen
Common Blue Morpho Butterfly by Sandra Tipton
Pink Beauty by Vesela Zlateva
The Heart of the Orchid by Larry Brady
May I Help You by Reinhard Schwind
Monument Valley by Reinhard Schwind
Kinglet with Snack by Ken Olsen
The Egg Man by Larry Brady


Lily with Visitor, Ken Olsen, Best of Show

Pollen Shower, Sandra Tipton, Award

Hawaii Island Snow, Becki Hagberg-Cohen, Award

Kinglet with Snack, Ken Olsen

The Heart of the Orchid, Larry Brady

The Egg Man, Larry Brady

May I Help You, Reinhard Schwind

Monument Valley, Reinhard Schwind

Common Blue Morpho Butterfly, Sandra Tipton

Pink Beauty, Vesela Zlateva