ACC Meeting ~ April 5, 2023

April 5, 2023 @ 7:30 pm
Christian Church of Arlington Heights
333 W Thomas St
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Meetings take place in Jordan Hall.
Guests are always welcome.

Our next meeting is Competition Night –  Wednesday, April 5, 2023 at 7:30 PM. Competition is open to all paid members. Guests are welcome to attend the meeting to view images and to see how the competitions are run.

Print Competition
We are asking that you have your prints matted and ready to submit by 7:00 pm in order to have time to organize all the entries and start the competition promptly at 7:30.

DPI (Digital Projected Image) Competition
The competition is now open for both color and monochrome with a closing date and time of April 2nd at midnight for all digital entries.  Instructions for submitting digital images have been emailed to members.


March 15, 2023 @ 7:30 pm
Christian Church of Arlington Heights
333 W Thomas St
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Meetings take place in Jordan Hall.
Doors open at 7:00 pm and the meeting starts at 7:30.
Guests are welcome.

Please join the Arlington Camera Club for a live online presentation by Mike Wardynski.

Mike Wardynski is a professional photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is on the forefront of landscape photography, specializing in premium large format prints, photography workshops and image licensing. Rooted in nature, he finds that through landscape photography he has been able to bring the joy of the natural world to the walls of homes and offices around the world.

With a deep connection to nature, the work of Mike Wardynski brings us all a little closer to our roots. His immersive nature photographs have placed him on the forefront of landscape photography where he has gained the attention of avid art collectors. Mike is best known for his intricate textures and peaceful landscapes that are minimal in nature.

Mike’s work has been featured in high-end publications such as “Design Milk” and “Focus on the Story.” He is a masterful teacher with deep respect for his practice and the land.

With two decades of experience, Mike has honed his craft for photography and printmaking. Today, his photographs are collected around the world. His work has been on display along the prestigious Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico and can often be seen at the most renowned art shows in the U.S.

Mike goes to great lengths in order to get the shot. He will trek through unforgiving terrain in unpleasant conditions in order to find the perfect composition. His attention to detail shines through when one views his large format photographs in person.


Nature is at the heart of my work. Not only because it is often my subject, but because it is where I find inspiration. Human beings are spiritually connected to the planet as a whole. Interconnectivity is where the spirit thrives. Through photography, I remind the viewer of their connection to earth. We do not own the planet; we are part of it. It is our responsibility to protect as well as enjoy our environment because it is an extension of ourselves. One cannot harm the environment without harming themselves, just as one cannot heal the environment without healing themselves.