Visitors to this website and Arlington Camera Club members are welcome to send in questions for this “FAQs” page to webmaster@arlingtoncameraclub.org.

At meetings, new ACC club members can also request a printed copy of the ACC Newsletter “Through the Lens”, NEW MEMBER’S EDITION. This document explains details about Club membership and participation, and answers many FAQs.

What kind of group is the Arlington Camera Club?

The Arlington Camera Club (“ACC”) was founded in 1988 by local residents who shared an interest in photography. The purpose of the Club is to increase photographic skills through meetings, programs, workshops, field trips, and critique sessions. The Club is a not-for-profit Illinois corporation, and is not associated with any business entity.

What is CACCA?

The Chicago Area Camera Club Association is open to all camera clubs located in the Chicago Area, including Wisconsin and Indiana, that wish to actively participate in CACCA activities. ACC Club members can volunteer to participate at CACCA meetings and may submit qualifying Club member images for CACCA competitions.  caccaphoto.org

What is PSA?

The Photographic Society of America is a national organization open to individual membership and club participation. Arlington Camera Club has a PSA representative and many Club members are also PSA members. PSA offers a monthly magazine, photo and digital competitions, study groups via email and the internet, how-to programs, an annual conference, and a raft of other activities and services. psa-photo.org

Who can participate in competitions and critique nights?

Club members, prospective members, and guest are welcome to attend. Though members are not required to enter photos, the competitions and critiques are aimed at helping us improve our photography skills.

What additional activities are offered?

The Club meetings include presentations and workshops. Travels and events include field trips to learn and shoot, documenting community activities, and social gatherings. Competition rules, tips, etc. are discussed at meetings and available as handouts.

How often are competitions held?

The “ACC Club Year” runs from September through May. Regular competitions for Color Prints, Monochrome Prints, and Slides are held four times per year: October, December, February, and April. The Club also has competitions for Digital Projected Images (DPI). Competitions are held at scheduled Wednesday night meetings.

Do I need to have an expensive SLR camera to be a club member or to enter competitions?

No. Many Club members start off using simple cameras. Some members continue to use these cameras and never purchase an SLR or DSLR. Many members come to the meetings to learn what camera would be best to purchase.

How can I apply for membership in the Club?

The Club’s “Membership Application” is available from our website and can also be requested at a meeting.

ACC Membership Application

Membership details are explained in the application.

What is the experience level of members?

Membership is open to all age groups, teens through retirees. No experience is necessary – our purpose is to help you learn and improve. Members have film cameras and digital cameras ranging from simple point and shoots to SLRs and DSLRs. Many of our members have just started into photography. There are people at various levels of expertise. Our members are eager to share information, teach, and help new members.

Do I have to participate in club committees?

Your participation is strongly encouraged, but you may want to wait until you have some ACC club experience for certain committees.

What is the ACC Google Calendar?

To view the ACC Google Calendar in a web page, click here.

Users of Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and others can subscribe to the ACC Google Calendar, and see club events in their own calendar,  by following these steps:

  1. Right click on this link and copy the link address.
  2. Open your Google Calendar and select Add a friend’s calendar…From URL (or click here)
  3. Paste the copied link into the URL field, then click ADD CALENDAR.
  4. Click the left to the left of “Settings” (upper left of page), to return to your regular calendar view.