April 3, 2024 Competition Results

Five Finches Feasting, by August Greydanus
Black and White, by Bob Reynolds
Great Gray Landing, by Jan Weld
Hummer Harassing Barred Owl, by Jan Weld
Old Dairy Barn, by Steve Seburn
Owlet Duet, by Jan Weld
Succulent, by Nancy Soos
Tentacles, by Bob Reynolds
Three Owlet Owls, by Jan Weld
Watchful Cheetah, by Jan Weld
What is he Thinking, by Bob Reynolds
Window on a Broken Back, by Steve Seburn
Pondering a Mystery, by Fred Gold
Walk Like an Egyptian, by Fred Gold

Small Monochrome

Bob Reynolds, “What’s He Thinking”, Award, Small Monochrome Print of the Month

Fred Gold, “Pondering the Mystery”, Award

Bob Reynolds, “Black and White”, Honorable Mention

Steve Seburn, “Window on a Broken Back”, Honorable Mention

Large Monochrome

Steve Seburn, “Old Dairy Barn”, Award, Large Monochrome Print of the Month

Jan Weld, “Great Gray Owl Landing”, Honorable Mention

Small Color

Jan Weld, “Hummer Harassing Barred Owl”, Award, Small Color Print of the Month

Fred Gold, “Walk Like an Egyptian”, Award

Bob Reynolds, “Tentacles”, Award

Nancy Soos, “Succulent”, Award

Large Color

Jan Weld, “Watchful Cheetah”, Award, Large Color Print of the Month

Alfredo Rodriguez, “Zoo Lion Two”, Award

Kathy Grady, “Purple Water Lily”, Award

August Greidanus, “Five Finches Feasting”, Award