February 21, 2024 Meeting – Floral Photography

Come join us on February 21 to see the presentation by Alan Shapiro “Creative Floral Photography from the Comfort of Your Home”.

Alan Shapiro is a passionate, award winning, New York based photographer and educator. He grew up on the creative side of advertising, working with clients around the world.  In his presentation Alan will share some of his favorite home-made images, his workflow, setups and stories behind the images. This is a great timing to continue taking pictures even when it is cold outside.

We will meet at 333 Thomas Street, Arlington Heights, IL. Doors open at 7 pm, the presentation will start at 7:30 pm.

February 7, 2024 Competition Results


Jan Weld, “Searching Snowy Egret”
Carol Wille, “Right Rose”
Judy King, “Sizing up Dinner”
Larry Arends, Pink Water
Glenn Kaupert, “Lake Arlington Fog”
Sandra Tipton, “Snowy Owl”
Larry Arends, “Portsmuth Lighthouse”
Becki Hagberg-Cohen, “Ice Cracks”
Glenn Kaupert, “House Finch on Snowy Rose Bush”
Jan Weld, Great Grey Lands Snow Owl
Jan Weld, “Ghost Town at Dawn”
Jan Weld, “Buckingham Fountain”
Jan Weld, “Gazing African Cheetah”
Sandra Tipton, “Red-breasted Merganser”
“Reflections”, by Steve Seburn


February 7, 2024 Competition – Print Winners

Small Monochrome

Jan Weld, “Searching Snowy Egret”, Award, S

mall Monochrome Print of the Month

Paula Matzek, “Tulum Ruins”, Honorable Mention


Large Monochrome

Jan Weld, “Gazing African Cheetah”, Award, Large Monochrome Print of the Month

August Greidanus, “Four Horse Team”, Honorable Mention


Small Color

Jan Weld, “Great Grey Owl Lands”, Award, Small Color Print of the Month

August Greidanus, “Switching the Track”, Award

Reinhard Schwind, “What…?”, Honorable Mention

Larry Ahrends, “Pink Water Lily”, Honorable Mention


Large Color

Larry Ahrens, “Portsmouth Lighthouse”, Award, Large Color Print of the Month

Reinhard Schwind, “River Promenade”, Award

Jan Weld, “Colorful Buckingham Fountain”, Honorable Mention

Steve Seburn, “Reflections”, Honorable Mention


February 7, 2024 Competition – DPI Winners


Color DPI

Carol Wille, “Right Rose”, DPI Best of Show

Glenn Kaupert, “Lake Arlington Fog”, Award

Becki Hagberg-Cohen, “Ice Cracks”, Honorable Mention

Sandra Tipton, “Snowy Owl”, Honorable Mention


Monochrome DPI

Jan Weld, “Ghost Town at Dawn”, DPI Best of Show

Glenn Kaupert, “Lake Arlington Fog”, Award

Sandra Tipton, “Red-breasted Merganser”, Honorable Mention