October 2023 – Competition Results


Steve Seburn, Respect
Sandra Tipton, Nashville Warbler
Sandra Tipton, Great Horned Owl
Sandra Tipton, Cinque Terre
Reinhard Schwind, The Parliament
Reinhard Schwind, Budapest at Night
Larry Arends, Stream Train
Larry Arends, Come On Kids it’s time for a shower
Larry Arends, Bruges, Belgium
Paula Matzek, A Mass in Yellow
Jan Weld, One the Move
Nancy Soos, Pretty in Pink
Michael Garber, Mount St Michel
Ken Olsen, Monarch in motion
Ken Olsen, Lady Blacksmith
Fred Gold, Monk At Prayer
Fred Gold, Cambodian Monks
Barrie Burr, Sunset on the Lake
Vesela Zlateva, Bee


Print & DPI Winners

Small Monochrome

Sandra Tipton, “Cinque Terre”, Award, Small Monochrome Print of the Month

Larry Arends, “Steam Train”, Honorable Mention 

Large Monochrome

Patrick Grady, “Mount Gibbs”, Award, Large Monochrome Print of the Month

Jan Weld, “On the Move”, Honorable Mention

 Small Color

Nancy Soos, “Pretty In Pink”, Award, Small Color Print of the Month

Sandra Tipton, “Nashville Warbler”, Award 

Fred Gold, “Cambodian Monks”, Honorable Mention 

Bob Reynolds, “The Gangs All Here”, Honorable Mention

 Large Color

Larry Arends, “Bruce Belgium”, Award, Large Color Print of the Month

Fred Gold, “Monk At Prayer”, Award

Steve Seburn, “Respect”, Award

Larry Arends, “Come On Kids It’s Time For A Shower”, Honorable Mention pts.

Bob Reynolds, “Hanging Out To Dry”, Honorable Mention

Paula Matzek, “A Mass of Yellow”, Honorable Mention

 Monochrome DPI

Mike Garber, “Mount St. Michel”, Award, Monochrome Digital Image of the Month

Sandra Tipton, “Great Horned Owl”, Award

Ken Olsen, “Lady Blacksmith”, Honorable Mention

Reinhard Schwind, “The Parliament”, Honorable Mention

 Color DPI

Barrie Burr, “Sunset on the Lake”, Award, Color Digital Image of the Month

Vesela Zlateva, “Bee”, Award

Ken Olsen, “Monarch in Motion”, Honorable Mention

Reinhard Schwind, “Budapest at Night”, Honorable Mention