What is CACCA?

The Chicago Area Camera Club Association (“CACCA”) is an Association open to all Camera Clubs located in the Chicago Area, including Wisconsin and Indiana, that wish to actively participate in CACCA activities.

CACCAʼs objective is the development of fellowship among member Clubs and the promotion of photographic interests and accomplishments.

Each month CACCA Clubs and their members compete in Print, Slide and Digital judging. Interclub competitions are scheduled in Large and Small Monochrome Prints, Large and Small Color Prints and Pictorial Digital Projected Images. Individuals can compete in Nature Prints, Photojournalism Prints. Individuals can compete in Nature Prints, Photojournalism Prints, Portrait Prints, Special Category and Artistically Rendered Images in a series of monthly contests.

Arlington Camera Club (“ACC”) is a member of CACCA and participates in the monthly Interclub competitions and adheres to CACCA competition rules. Entries for the CACCA competition are chosen from the ACC bimonthly competition entries.

The competition rules for Interclub and Individual entries may not be the same. For more information, check out the CACCA website at:  https://www.caccaphoto.org.