February 2019 – Print Competition

Bob Reynolds - "Deer on a Ridge"
Bob Reynolds – “Deer on a Ridge”

Bob Reynolds - "A Cell With a View"
Bob Reynolds – “A Cell With a View”
Bob Reynolds - "Green and Scaly"
Bob Reynolds – “Green and Scaly”
Judy King - "Orange Against Blue"
Judy King – “Orange Against Blue”
Mike Garber - "Desert Cyprus"
Mike Garber – “Desert Cyprus”
Mike Garber - "Owlette"
Mike Garber – “Owlette”
Patty Colabuono - "Wood Nymph"
Patty Colabuono – “Wood Nymph”
Paula Matzek - "Shadows and Light"
Paula Matzek – “Shadows and Light”
Reinhard Schwin - "Smoke Stacks"
Reinhard Schwin – “Smoke Stacks”

  February 6, 2019 Competition – Winners

Small Monochrome

Mort Lerman, “The Alamo”,  Print of the Month
Paula Matzek, “Shadows and Light”, AW
Bob Reynolds, “A Cell With a View”, HM
Richard Schwind, “Smoke Stacks” HM

Large Monochrome

Patrick Grady, “Bridal Veil Falls”, Print of the Month
Mike Garber, “Desert Cyprus”, HM

Small Color

Mike Garber, “Owlette”, Print of the Month
Nancy St. Clair, “Fall Day”, AW
Nancy St. Clair, “Winter Falls”, HM
Bob Reynolds, “Green & Scaly”, HM

Large Color

Kathy Grady, “Ephemeral Pond”, Print of the Month
Judy King, “Orange Against Blue”, AW
Patty Colabuono, “Wood Nymph”, AW
Bob Reynolds, “Deer on a Ridge”, HM
Nancy St. Clair, “Great Sailing Day”, HM
Mort Lerman, “Fish Harbor Morning”, HM