December 6 Print and DPI Competition Winners

Sandra Tipton, Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Vesela Zlateva, Golden Escape
Sandra Tipton, Great White Egret
Sandra Tipton, Bluebird and Berries
Sandra Tipton, Black-crowned Night Heron at Dusk
Reinhardt Schwindt, Golden Hour
Reinhardt Schwindt, The Light Bulb Staircase
Larry Brady, Kinderdijk Windmills
Larry Arends, Rome
Larry Arends, Irish Cottage
Larry Arends, Break Time
Ken Olsen, Night Cruise
Ken Olsen, Christmas on the Square
Jan Weld, Who’s There?
Jan Weld, Wading Grizzly Family
Jan Weld, Take That!
Jan Weld, Humming Around
Jan Weld, Gannet Flying With Nesting Material
Jan Weld, Can I Return to Dinner
Bob Reynolds, A Different View
Becki Hagberg-Cohen, Solitude
Barrie Burr, Close Quarters


December 6, 2023 Competition Print Winners

Small Monochrome

Larry Arends, “Break Time” – Small Monochrome Print of the Month

Jan Weld, “Take That!”, Honorable Mention


Large Monochrome

Jan Weld, “Who’s There!” Large Monochrome Print of the Month

Reinhard Schwind, “The “Light Bulb” Staircase”, Honorable Mention


Small Color

Bob Reynolds, “A Different View”, Small Color Print of the Month

Jan Weld, “Can I Return to Dinner”, Award

Larry Brady, “Kinderdijk Windmills,”, Honorable Mention

Vessela Zlateva, “Golden Escape”, Honorable Mention


Large Color

Jan Weld, “Humming Around”, AW-24 pts. – Large Color Print of the Month

Patrick Grady, “Second Beach”, Honorable Mention

Kathy Grady, “A Good Place to Sleep”, Honorable Mention

Reinhard Schwind, “Golden Hour”, Honorable Mention


December 6, 2023 Competition DPI Winners

Mono DPI

Jan Weld, “Wading Grizzly Family”, AW-23 pts, Mono DPI of the Month

Barrie Burr, “Close Quarters”, Award

Sandra Tipton, “Great White Egret”, Award

Larry Arends, “Rome”, Honorable Mention

Sandra Tipton, “Black-crowned Night Heron at Dusk”, Honorable Mention

Ken Olson, “Christmas on the Square”, Honorable Mention


Color DPI

Sandra Tipton, “Bluebird and Berries”, Color DPI of the Month

Becki Hagberg-Cohen, “Solitude”, Award

Larry Arends, “Irish Cottage”, Award

Jan Weld, “Gannet Flying with Nesting Material”, Honorable Mention

Ken Olson, “Night Cruise”, Honorable Mention

Sandra Tipton, “Ruby-throated Hummingbird”, Honorable Mention