APRIL 2022 Competition – Print Winners

Steve Seburn – Lake Michigan in Winter

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Sandra Tipton – Peregrine Falcon with Dinner
Nancy Soos – Butterfly Garden
Paula Matzek – The Old Guard House
Kathy Grady – Terraces
Fred Gold – The King
Patrick Grady – Colorado River in the Canyon
Larry Brady – Fence Line
Barrie Burr – Where’s the Cake?
Steven Seburn – Jack Pines at Dawn
Steven Seburn – Red Tailed Hawk
Sandra Tipton, Breakfast Rush Mouths To Feed

APRIL 2022 Competition – Print Winners

Small Monochrome
Sandra Tipton, “Peregrine Falcon with Dinner” AW-Small Monochrome Print of the Month
Paula Matzek, “The Old Guard House” HM

Barrie Burr, “Where’s the Cake?” HM

Large Monochrome
Patrick Grady, “Colorado River in the Canyon” Large Monochrome Print of the Month
Steven Seburn, “Red Tailed Hawk” HM

Small Color
Bob Reynolds, “Red Canyon” Small Color Print of the Month
Nancy Soos, “Butterfly Garden” AW
Larry Brady, “Fence Line” HM
Steven Seburn, “Jack Pines at Dawn” HM

Large Color
Steve Seburn, “Lake Michigan in Winter” Large Color Print of the Month
Bob Reynolds, “Hoo Doos” AW
Kathy Grady, “Terraces” AW
Fred Gold, “The King” HM
Sandra Tipton, “Breakfast Rush Mouths to Feed” HM