February 2020 – Print Competition

Barrie Burr-"Scardy Cat"
Barrie Burr-“Scardy Cat”

Herb DeBarba-"Ginger Snap"
Herb DeBarba-“Ginger Snap”
Jan vanLeijenhorst-"Purity"
Jan vanLeijenhorst-“Purity”
Kathy Grady-"Grand Prismatic Spring"
Kathy Grady-“Grand Prismatic Spring”
Larry Brady-"Cathedral"
Larry Brady-“Cathedral”
Larry Brady-"Dublin Door"
Larry Brady-“Dublin Door”
Mike Garber-"Barred Owl"
Mike Garber-“Barred Owl”
Mike Garber-"Cape Cod Light"
Mike Garber-“Cape Cod Light”
Mort Lerman-"All Smiles"
Mort Lerman-“All Smiles”
Mort Lerman-"Winter Tree"
Mort Lerman-“Winter Tree”
Patrick Grady-"Palette Spring"
Patrick Grady-“Palette Spring”
Patrick Grady-"Schwabacher Landing"
Patrick Grady-“Schwabacher Landing”
Paula Matzek-"Brilliant Blossoms"
Paula Matzek-“Brilliant Blossoms”
Paula Matzek-"Cultural Center Dome"
Paula Matzek-“Cultural Center Dome”
Paula Matzek-"Impala at the Pond"
Paula Matzek-“Impala at the Pond”
Steve Seburn-"Tree on Beach"
Steve Seburn-“Tree on Beach”
Larry Arends - "Tunnel View Yosemite"
Larry Arends – “Tunnel View Yosemite”
Larry Arends - "Red Panda"
Larry Arends – “Red Panda”

Large Monochrome

Jan VanLiejenhorst, “Purity”, Print of the Month
Patrick Grady, “Schwabacher Landing”, AW
Patrick Grady, “Palette Spring”, HM
Steve Seburn, “Tree on Beach”, HM

Small Monochrome

Paula Matzek, “Cultural Center Dome”, Print of the Month
Mort Lerman, “Winter Tree”, AW
Barrie Burr, “Scardy Cat”, HM
Mike Garber, “Cape Cod Light”, HM

Small Color

Larry Brady, “Canterbury Cathedral”, Print of the Month
Larry Brady, “Dublin Door”, AW
Herb DeBarba, “Ginger Snap”, AW
Nancy Hassman, “Above the Clouds”, AW
Paula Matzek, “Impala at the Pond”, AW
Larry Arends, “Logan Pass View”, HM
Bill Heider, “Monument”, HM
Jan VanLiejenhorst, “Brilliant Blossoms”, HM
Mort Lerman, “All Smiles”, HM

Large Color

Larry Arends, “Red Panda”, Print of the Month
Larry Arends, “Tunnel View – Yosemite”, AW
Mike Garber, “Barred Owl”, HM
Kathy Grady, “Grand Prismatic Spring”, HM
Paula Matzek, “Brilliant Blossoms”, HM
Burt Schmitt, “Orchid Beauty”, HM