October 2019 – Digital Competition

"Amsterdam" by Larry Arends
“Amsterdam” by Larry Arends

"Kakabeka Falls" by Larry Arends
“Kakabeka Falls” by Larry Arends
"Nap Time" by John Chwalek
“Nap Time” by John Chwalek
"Mountain Stream" by Becki Hagberg-Cohen
“Mountain Stream” by Becki Hagberg-Cohen
"Sculpture" by Bill Heider
“Sculpture” by Bill Heider
"Barn Owl" by Ken Olsen
“Barn Owl” by Ken Olsen
"Intense Stare" by Bob Reynolds
“Intense Stare” by Bob Reynolds

Color DPI

Ken Olsen – “Barn Owl” – Image of the Month
John Chwalek – “Nap Time” – Award
Becki Hagberg-Cohen – “Mountain Stream” – Honorable Mention
Larry Arends – “Amsterdam” – Honorable Mention

Mono DPI

Larry Arends- “Kakabeka Falls” – Image of the Month
Bob Reynolds – “Intense Stare” – Honorable Mention
Bill Heider – “Sculpture” – Honorable Mention