December 2018 – Print Competition

"In the Statehouse" by Bob Reynolds
“In the Statehouse” by Bob Reynolds

"The Underware Fence" by Bob Reynolds
“The Underware Fence” by Bob Reynolds
Bill Heider-Sunset Canyon
“Sunset Canyon” by Bill Heider
Bill Heider-Maribou Stork
“Maribou Stork” by Bill Heider
Bert Schmitt-Fashion Sense
“Fashion Sense” by Bert Schmitt
Ken Olsen - Blending In
“Blending In” by Ken Olsen
Kathy Grady - Lower Tahquamenon Falls
“Lower Tahquamenon Falls” by Kathy Grady
Kathy Grady - Fall Colors and Cascades
“Fall Colors and Cascades” – Kathy Grady
Judy King - Locomotive #11
“Locomotive #11” by Judy King
Bob Reynolds - Taking Off
“Taking Off” by Bob Reynolds
Rich Hassman - Sailing Club
“Sailing Club” by Rich Hassman
Rich Hassman - 3 Flowers
“3 Flowers” by Rich Hassman
Paula Matzek - Reading Room Seymour Library
“Reading Room Seymour Library” – Paula Matzek
Paula Matzek - Laundry Day Tasiilaq
“Laundry Day Tasiilaq” by Paula Matzek
Patrick Grady - Dana Fork and Tuolumne River
“Dana Fork and Tuolumne River” by Patrick Grady
Ken Olsen - Ephraim Sunset
“Ephraim Sunset” by Ken Olsen

December 5, 2018 Competition – Winners

Small Monochrome

Rich Hassman, “3 Flowers”,  Print of the Month
Mort Lerman, “Cow Skeleton & Wheel”, AW
Paula Matzek,”Reading Room, Seymour Library”, HM
Bob Reynolds, “The Take Off”, HM
Fred Gold, “Russian Child” HM

Large Monochrome

Bob Reynolds, “In the Statehouse”, Print of the Month
Judy King, “Locomotive #11”, AW
Patrick Grady, “Dana Fork & Tuolumne River HM
Bill Foulks, “Put Me In Coach”, HM

Small Color

Bob Reynolds, “The Underware Fence”, Print of the Month
Ken Olsen, “Ephraim Sunset”, AW
Nancy St. Clair, “Mom & Babies”, AW
Ken Olsen, “Blending In”, HM
Nancy St. Clair, “Train on the Move”, HM
Rich Hassman, “Sailing Club”, HM
Bill Heider, “Maribou Stork”, HM
Bert Schmitt, “Fashion Sense”, HM

Large Color

Kathy Grady, “Lower Tahquamenon”, Print of the Month
Paula Matzek, “Laundry Day, Tasiilaq”, AW
Mort Lerman, “Sisters”, AW
Kathy Grady, “Fall Colors & Cascades”, HM
Bill Heider, “Sunset Canyon”, HM
Bill Foulks, “Tokyo Tower At Dusk”, HM
Mort Lerman, “Artists at Work”, HM