Newsletter Photo Submissions

In order to save me a fair amount of time in putting the newsletter together, when submitting photos for use in the newsletter, please use the following settings:

  1. Size: No larger than 640 x 480 pixels
  2. Resolution: 72 dpi at medium
  3. Quality (if saving in Photoshop): Medium (6-7)
  4. Either title the photo, or include the title in your email.

I will, of course, accept photos that do not conform to these settings and will resize them before inserting them into the newsletter. If you are not comfortable with resizing your photos, I would be happy to bring my laptop to a meeting and go over the mechanics of resizing after the meeting – just email me so I bring my laptop to the meeting.

In addition, please make sure you send the photo as an attachment to your email – I will no longer accept photos that are not separate attachments. Photos can be emailed to

The Arlington Camera Club was formed in 1988 to promote photography and improve the photographic skills of its members.