December 2016 – Print Competition

Boardwalk - Bob Reynolds
Boardwalk – Bob Reynolds

Butterfly - Bill Heider
Butterfly – Bill Heider

Sailing - Bill Heider
Sailing – Bill Heider
Cathedral Cuenca - Paula Matzek
Cathedral Cuenca – Paula Matzek
Escape - Bill Heider
Escape – Bill Heider
Eye See You - Jan Williams
Eye See You – Jan Williams
Dew on Flower - Bill Heider
Dew on Flower – Bill Heider
In the Garden Shed - Paula Matzek
In the Garden Shed – Paula Matzek
Little Pistils - Jan Williams
Little Pistils – Jan Williams
Arrival - Mike Garber
Arrival – Mike Garber
Bahai Temple - John Chwalek
Bahai Temple – John Chwalek

Full Results

Small Monochrome

To Be Precise – Lance Lagoni, Print of the Month, AW
Boardwalk – Bob Reynolds, AW
Lone Confederate Soldier – Nancy Hassman, AW
1935 Buick Coupe – Jeff Berman, HM
Butterfly – Bill Heider, HM
I Walk the Line – Lance Lagoni, HM

Large Monochrome

Night Time Players – Lance Lagoni, AW
Sailing – Bill Heider, AW
Cathedral Cuenca – Paula Matzek, HM
Escape – Bill Heider, HM

Small Color

The Walk of Despair – Lance Lagoni, AW
Abandoned Barn – Nancy Hassman, AW
Eye See You – Janis Williams, AW
Dew on Flower – Bill Heider, HM
In the Garden Shed – Paula Matzek, HM
Little Pistils – Janis Williams, HM
The Juggler – Lance Lagoni, HM

Large Color

Owl on a Branch – Bob Reynolds, AW
Bertoiz’s Dandelion All Bright – Rich Milburn, AW
Children of an Earlier Time – Mort Lerman, Large Color AW
Smokers – Lance Lagoni, AW
Arrival – Mike Garber, HM
Bahai Temple – John Chwalek, HM
Halemaumau Crater – Patrick Grady, HM
In Windhover Hall – Rich Milburn, HM
Stairway of Ice – Lance Lagoni, HM

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